Perverted "partners in paedophilic abuse" have been jailed for the rape of 11 Year Old Girl

Posted on 19-05-2017


Perverted "partners in paedophilic abuse" have been jailed for more than 14 years after working as a team to rape and photograph an 11-year-old girl.

Andrew Bristow, 47 from Bradford, sexually abused the child while Michael Peters, 71, took the pictures, the Crown Court in Bradford heard.


The twisted duo groomed the girl with offers of money and cigarettes and threatened that  she would get into a lot of trouble if she told anyone, prosecuting for the crown Simon Waley said.


Bristow, who pleaded guilty to twice raping the girl and sexually touching a ten-year-old girl, was jailed for eight and a half years.


Peters, from Halifax, admitted taking indecent photographs of the rapes and indecently touching a boy of 13 years of age after police pieced together a shredded photograph of him and the boy naked together on a bed.




He was jailed for six years.


Mr Waley told the court that a police investigation into the men's activities led them to an address in Halifax it was during a search of the property on July 23, 2015, indecent images and a bag of shredded paper were seized.

Sick Peters confessed to the police he had previously had a sexual interest in children but said he had destroyed the photos approximately five years earlier.

The victim of the rape, now in her  20s, said she had met up with Bristow and Peters when she was a child and called at their home for cigarettes sometimes up to four times a week.

It is said that Peters then offered her money to remove her top and she was given £5 and threatened the girl by saying: "Nobody's going to know. If you tell anyone, you are going to get into trouble."

Bristow then sexually assaulted her in his bedroom and she was twice raped by him while Peters took photos.

Bristow abused the girl who was aged ten in 2006, sending texts to her to see her in her underwear and putting his hand down her shirt.

When he was arrested, Bristow told the police he had known Peters for 20 years and visited him up to five times a day.


Peters and Bristow had lived together for 16 years.


Peters had a previous conviction dating from 1971 for outraging public decency, the court was told. He followed two boys in a hire car and made indecent suggestions to them.

Michael Collins, barrister for Bristow, said his client had been sexually abused as a boy.

He was depressed, with suicidal thoughts, and knew he faced a lengthy jail sentence.

He had no previous convictions for sexual offences and had not committed any offences since 2006.

Nicholas Clarke, for Peters, said he had been very honest with his probation officer, admitting living "in the shadows" as a predatory paedophile, between 1971 and 2005.

He was now too old and ill to commit any further offences.

Judge Jonathan Rose told Bristow and Peters: "There is not a single right thinking, decent person who will not be filled with anything but utter revulsion."

Adding that members of the public who learned that Peters had been sexually offending against children for 50 years would be revolted and would want him to die in prison but Peters could be sentenced only for the offences admitted on the charge sheet, not for what he had confessed to his probation officer.

Judge Rose told the pair: "You have descended to real depths of depravity."

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